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David McLeod is an Australian artist & designer.

Creating still and moving image, David’s work is driven by a curiosity for exploring new visual territories in CG.

He has had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients, including: Apple, Nike, Dropbox, Toyota, Adobe, Wacom, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Omega, Mastercard, Canon, Greenpeace and Wired.

Stigma & Cognition

My entry into Stigma & Cognition's "Found in Translation" Exhibition held at Openhouse Gallery NYC in 2014. Stigma & Cognition is a non-profit organization whose focus is promoting cultural exchange between Korean and Western artists.

"Found in Translation" featured the typographic artworks of 22 Korean and 22 Western artists. Each artwork was based on an expression that is shared between the two cultures. The two versions - an English version created by a Western artist and a Korean version created by a Korean artist - were displayed in pairs to create a juxtaposition that’s both visual and semantic.

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